maanantai 25. lokakuuta 2010

Doing it wrong, Jim Davies

Just posting pictures I made during summer, calling it an update.

I read some nice books during summer (I was supposed to read something sophisticated but ended up with The Godfather, Naked Lunch [which I still haven't finished, after several years of reading], Post Office, Crooked Little Vein, The Rum Diary and Orpheus Emerged, but at least I had fun reading) one of which was "The Cat Inside" by William S. Burroughs. If you have to tell us about cats, please do it his way. Not the way Jim Davies did it. (Just an example, not that I had anything against Garfield, I just think it's the worst comic ever, but hey, I'm sure you find your cat funny, Jim.)
So, here's a cat.

I'd like to add that even though I find Garfield incredibly annoying (and enjoy Martin McDonagh's plays) I like cats.

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  1. Purrr... Ihana kisu! Tai siis kisut kun piirtäjäkin lasketaan mukaan. ;)


  2. Garfield minus Garfield aka G-G is the best strip form comic there is, so don't go bad mouthin' Jimmy's cats!

  3. Then of course there is this: