sunnuntai 15. marraskuuta 2009

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VL gin is an imaginary brand I made up 'cos I needed to have a bottle in a comic panel, and like with SodaPoP, things got out of hand. (Well not quite as much. I don't have that girl's whole life figured out, but you'll see, I've thought about this stuff way too much. I came up with a drink recipe for a drink called "Sweetheart".) So now I have the whole product planned. VL gin is cheap and strong, and it's marketed with elegance and class, although the ads still make it very clear that "with this stuff, you won't remember even the most unforgettable party of the year".
Kind of a very conflicting fucked up brand. I bet it'd sell.

Here's the (rather old) SodaPoP ad I ended up making when i needed a label to a random soda can in a comic panel. SodaPoP is medusa lemonade. And it comes in lovely flavours like strawberry-ginger, classic lime, blueberry-pepper, orange-cinnamon and banana-chili.

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