tiistai 10. marraskuuta 2009

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It seems like I didn't have zombie virus after all. (I was sure I had it. First a brain-bowling fever, lungs slowly shutting down, and then then body temperature dropping - CLASSIC zombie virus. But no. I'm fine now. No zombie apocalypse this week either.)

Things I do when I don't draw:

This was the first one. It's a notebook I made. The pages are made "old" using coffee. That piece of glass isn't that bright really.

About 7cm x 5cm. That piece of glass isn't that pale really.

You can see trough the piece of glass.

About 5cm tall.

About 9cm x 6,5cm.

About 12cm x 17cm. For my dad, hence the scale pattern and hooks.

I have more. Beware.

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