tiistai 13. syyskuuta 2011

Haha. Haa.

A sketch of a picture I made for my silkscreening class.
OH GOD, it should read "sweet dreams, my bear."
No, that's a stupid idea. I won't do it.

Y'know, I've found the greatest thing since Tukevasti Ilmassa! QI! A quiz show about quite interesting facts that may or may not be quite accurate (and you probably know the answer to many of the questions), but it is incredibly amusing, anyway. Besides they have guests like Jimmy Carr.

Talking about great stand-up comedians, you all should go and listen to Doug Stanhope's "From across the street". Or any of his gigs. There's even some on Spotify. He's very funny. Like the story about Subway breakfast. Ha ha haa.

Oh, is that the sound of my (only) four readers leaving me? What, you too, mom?! Well, I guess it's too late to stop now. Go on, have some Sean Keane. Gets better the more you watch it. Such a great stage personality!

And since I'm neck deep in shit already, let's finish this post with a classic.
Good night and see you in the morning.

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