tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2011

There's no gif for this feeling.

I have no drawings to post. I've spent last weeks going around telling people how there's nothing in the world that impresses me anymore. Going on and on about how everything is boring and nothing feels like anything and there's no point drawing if everything I can come up with is a blank piece of paper.

AND THEN I SAW AN AWESOME MOVIE. Sure, it was no In Bruges, but The Guard made me laugh aloud in the theatre and I've been smiling for several hours now. John Michael McDonagh, you win at life.

Martin and John should have more siblings. Can't wait for Seven Psychopaths. ALSO WHY HAVEN'T I STILL GOT MARTIN'S LATEST PLAY? I ordered that book over a year ago. I need it.

And Brendan Gleeson is damn awesome too.

Guess what - I'm gonna draw something now. It's going to be awesome too.

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