keskiviikko 15. elokuuta 2012

I never really got Narcissus, but I think Zeus and I would make the best of bros.

Yes, this is not going to turn into a comics-about-me-and-my-life-bohoo-listen-to-me-whine-and-give-me-symapthy-blog any more than it is already, but a friend told me about this challenge at Tumblr and I though I'd give it a shot.

So the first week wthe challenge was to "summarize yourself in 4 panels". We were not allowed to use dialogue or narration. The deadline was already gone a few days before I heard of this but I wanted to draw it, so I'm posting it here now.

So in case you don't get it... That's me, in the last panel, thinking how cool it'd be to do the stuff in the first three panels. And realising that none of that is realistic, but hey, a girl can dream.
It's sort of sad that even my imaginary life is borrowed from books and movies, isn't it? Well, still a better story than Twilight...

And then this week's comic. "Your first original character."

I must have been the most boring kid I know. I'm not sure if Explosive Eric even exploded in any of the few comics I drew. But that's probably because he couldn't walk away from the explosions not bothering to look back over his shoulder because he was just that cool if it was his body that was exploding. Or his head.

Hey, hey, maybe I should rename him Explosive Eric the Epic?

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