maanantai 20. elokuuta 2012


So yeah I made this last night, that's one of the fonts I've been working on, I call it Space Jugend and it's like a display font with a few alternatives and it's just really not very good but I just wanted to do something disgustingly IN, shut up I do as I please. It's a gif, click it, I know you want to!

I put ironic shit on your ironic shit.

I don't dream much when I sleep, but last night I had a very, well, confusing dream after making this giff. In my dream I went shopping with my mother, trying to find a nice set of champagne glasses and ended up going to Tiimari, a cheap store that sells a bit of everything from pencils to garden gnomes. There we met Matt Smith, who was working there because I don't know, he wasn't running around playing The Doctor anymore or something, and he tried to tell us that the coolest champagne glasses in the world were the ones that had hipster nebula images all over them, and even I was like, "hell yeah nebula pictures why not, that's better than motherfucking colourful marble patterns, let's take these", but my mother didn't agree and we left the store and I was all "MOOOOM, I bet you don't even know you just told The Doctor we're not getting the glasses he called 'the sweetest hipster candy on earth', you're so not internets-cool".

I don't know. I just really don't know. I think I just saw too many hipster nebulas during one day and my brain broke. I think I'm suffering hipster overload or something. WHAT'S THIS?

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