torstai 17. tammikuuta 2013

Avoiding school.

Somebody stop me.

WARNING! That's a gif. It contains flashing images. I made myself nauseous just making it. Do you want to be sick all over your keyboard? Fine, then, go on, click it.
Lyrics from a song by Suicidal Tendencies, Subliminal. Talking about Suicidal Tendencies, Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra made a really nice version of their Institutionalized. (I am trying really hard not to go on about how good the original Repo Man soundtrack was, I think I already covered that some posts ago. But, it's really good.) And since we are talking about Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra! A very nice video they made for Want it back. Good song, too. Good album.

Ah, what the hell, seems like I'm just linking music. Well, have a nice little song from Mr. Bungle too.

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