keskiviikko 16. tammikuuta 2013

Hi. Again.

Just wanted to share this little gem with you. It's the best character I've ever made. Like, THE BEST. I don't think there are words in English, Finnish or any other language that would describe the feelings I have for this drawing. (Okay, Tolkien probably made a word for this, in Old Entish or something. Do they call it Entish? Well, it's a great language what ever they call it. Ents are great. I wish they'd make a movie about Ents instead of The Hobbit. No, not really, I liked The Hobbit. But still, a movie about a day in Treebeard's life, in three parts, each eight hours long. With 19 hours of extra material and you'll get a free Gollum with the Extended edition DVD set. Guest appearances from Saruman and Quickbeam. Christopher Lee can voice act Quickbeam. I'm just leaving this idea here for Peter Jackson to find.)

Ignore the background. That's what I did.

Yeah. I guess this is it, then. No more updates. The show is over, this was the grande finale, no refunds.

Edit: OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT my archive has five years now? WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S NOT 2009 ANYMORE?!

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